Cow Signals Australia aspires to be recognised as a first class practical service provider to the dairy industry; farmers, research institutes and suppliers.


Our mission is to advance consulting services to the dairy industry and related businesses by providing advice in cattle nutrition, reproductive management and holistic farming practice through innovative research, quality teaching in animal husbandry and the promotion of responsible and sustainable farm management practices.

In so doing our aim is to build a better and more ethical farming and stronger industry. We strive towards improving the longevity of dairy cows on Australian farms and minimize the use of antibiotics through improved animal husbandry practises.


Our goal is to provide consultancy services to producers and livestock industry bodies to achieve a profitable, ethical and sustainable business. Our work is framed on the principles of profitable and sustainable business conduct, decision making based on data integrity and validated farming and analytical procedures.

  • Excellence in all we attempt to achieve through attention to quality and continuous improvement in farming practice
  • Highly experienced in both veterinary and agricultural businesses, which covers diverse fields such as beef & dairy cattle nutrition, production, reproduction, mastitis and medicine
  • High quality teaching and learning programs for dairy farmers and organisational stakeholders for their relationship to the needs of the dairy industry
  • Auditing services for dairy farmers, suppliers, processors and retailers
  • Supportive and considerate services and learning capability characterised by strong mutual benefit, collegiality and profitable farming
  • Socially responsible and sustainable farming business practice
  • Animal research
  • Innovative, rigorous and original farming related research of the highest quality
  • Study design, field trials, epidemiology and statistics, which enables us to assess and validate experimental results and farm economic data
  • Extensive knowledge of regulations about the wellbeing and ethical treatment of both farmed and trial animals
  • Extensive links and association with world leaders in animal production research through an extensive international network that gives us access to the latest ideas and newest technologies in livestock production and reproduction
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