Animal Welfare Auditing Program

CSA acts as independent auditors working with milk producers, milk processors and retailers to create a sustainable industry where milk is produced from healthy cows farmed under best animal husbandry practises.

  • Improving cow comfort by providing shelter from the extremes of the environment
  • Reduce disease
  • Improve longevity of dairy cows
  • Minimise antibiotic use
  • Developing a sustainable dairy industry by valuing the work of the farm and paying a premium price in exchange for better welfare of the cows
  • Engaging the milk drinking public

CSA Accreditation All farmers that are audited by CSA have to meet the following standards:


Download a copy of the PDF:
CSA Dairy Standards Farm Compliance Checklist

All farmers that are audited by CSA have a copy of the following book available for themselves and their staff:

Cow Signals Checkbook


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