Farm Management

Cow Signals Australia, (CSA) offer custom farm management services. We specialise in housing systems with a particular emphasis on box stall robotic milking. As a team we have over 50 years of practical farm management experience.

CSA offer a range of packages to suit different clients.  Our options range from our premium package where we provide all the management and staff for the entire operation to a basic package where we provide our advice and expertise in support of the existing management team.

By contracting CSA to manage your dairy investment you can rest assured that you have access to far more than just a farm management team. We bring together a group of agricultural scientists, animal scientists, veterinarians and business administrators that have specialised in the areas of logistics management, recruitment, embryology, artificial insemination, mastitis epidemiology, nutrition and financial analysis. By accumulating all of these skill sets we minimise our client’s expenditure om external contractors such as reproduction consultants, agronomists, nutritionists and veterinarians.

For more information on CSA Farm Management Services please contact William Scott on 0438 645 452.



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